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    A lot of time and effort is put in creating wonderful homes and representative business premises indoors and outdoors. However, the weather influences and the fear of violent incursions prevent a comfortable life in them.
    With the 3M glass foil you can enjoy the benefits of high quality foils and maintain the image of the interior intact at the same time. We offer you the following 3M foils:
    • Foils against the solar radiation
    • PRESTIGE foils
    • Safety and protective foils
    • Safety and protective foils against the solar radiation.
    Using the 3M foils is very diverse. Staying at houses, apartments, business premises becomes enjoyable and safer with the use of windows foils. Owners most often decide to buy the 3M foils to improve conditions. Glass foils effectively reduce the amount of solar radiation that passes through the glass surfaces in the room. By using the glass foils in the air-conditioned rooms the costs of air conditioning are significantly reduced. Winter gardens or loggia become more pleasant to stay in the summer months.
    When planning to buy air conditioners consider to use the 3M glass foils. The investments in air conditioner are reduced, because the same living conditions are achieved with significant lower air conditioner power.
    The 3M foil provides a very effective protection against damage to people in the event of glass breakage. Glazed passageways and glass surfaces that are exposed to potential breakage are properly protected with the window foil to prevent injuries.
    The 3M foils are also very effective solution for protecting your property. They prevent violent intrusions through glass surfaces. The use of anti-intruder foil is very useful for ground floor apartments, houses, business premises and public buildings. Furniture, flooring, carpets, paintings, curtains and clothing begin to fade under the influence of UV rays. The 3M foils block 99% of UV rays and significantly prolong the durability of the objects.

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